A Toad-ily Cool Shower: A Frog Blog

We were in a campground in Three Rivers, California. Sierra went to take a shower in the slightly old bathroom. She picked a shower stall and was closing the door when something moved.

Sierra jumped and saw there was what she described as “a small, light-green toad.” She also described it as “Awesome.” Still, she used the other shower.

After Sierra finished her shower, which, “I had to stoop during, due to the insanely low shower head,” she trooped back to the RV and reported the toad to Mom. Then she grabbed the camera and ran back to the bathroom. She took a picture of the toad. She and Mom discussed how cute the toad was and wondered what they should name it. Mom said “Emma,” after the toad Sierra had in second grade that ran away. But what if it was a boy? They decided to name the toad Emmett. Mom also said the “toad” looked like a “frog.” Sierra reportedly frowned at this.

So then it was Mom’s turn. She headed over to the bathhouse, turned on the light timer and took a look. There hiding in the grout groove in the far corner of the shower was Emmett. “You poor thing,” she said (yes, out loud), and she tried to catch it. Not an easy task, as Emmett hopped much faster than she could react. He managed to get to another corner, outside the showers. She gave up and took her shower, then checked again; he was still in the same spot. This time she was determined and grabbed him. His slippery body wasn’t too slimy. He moved down her hand and jumped off again, but she maneuvered him out the door.

Then she turned toward the sink, and found—another one! This one, christened Emily, didn’t put up much of a fight, and out to freedom she went.

Later research revealed that the amphibians are the common Pacific Treefrogs. It is hoped they do not meet gruesome ends in the wild, but perhaps they’ll find it more interesting than hanging out in the bathhouse all day.

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