About The Slow Travelers

We started this blog to chronicle a family road trip scheduled to last from May of 2008 until August of 2009.

“We” being the family of Stan Hieronymus, Daria Labinsky and daughter, Sierra.

What began as a casual conversation in 2004 became a commitment not long after. Perhaps that’s when we should have started posting here.

But you’d rather read about — and see, because we promise photos — the trip than the details about how we decided where to go and how to get there. Those facts are likely to come up any way, when we talk about getting the Itasca Navion on and off a ferry, or about puttering up and down steep roads in Switzerland in a rather small car (how small we don’t even know yet).

We don’t know how often we’ll be able to post, and beyond that how much time we’ll want to take. We expect this will be mostly for friends or family, so be patient.

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