Slow Travel Berlin: 5 Coffee Shops You Can`t Miss

Berlin has had a slow brewing coffee culture for almost a decade. In around 2007 the scene really got going with what is known as the Third Wave of Coffee, which really combined the coffee cultures that young Berliners and expats had experienced abroad with new organic and Fairtrade coffees roasted on a small scale with the slow food philosophy in mind.

Here are some coffee shops a slow travelers in Berlin will simply hate to have to leave.
The Barn

Auguststrasse 58, Mitte (

The Barn coffee shop greets the coffee lover with a rich aroma of roasting coffee beans and an earthy but minimalists décor that kind of reminds you of a New York deli. The waft of fresh warm bread and crusty croissants twists into the mix at certain times of day too.

Run by owner Ralf Rüller, the coffee is single origin and roasted on site. This place is definitely the place for absolute coffee and slow food fanatic. Rüller is so sure that his baristas are making the perfect coffee that he has banned extra milk, and discourages spoons and sugar.

The barn has also bucked the trend on Wi-Fi banning laptops, as well as dogs, mobile phone ringtones, and loud phone.

But most controversially- he has banned pushers and prams. That seems severe but he argues it is about specialization and finding a niche and brand against the chains like Starbucks, and his business hasn`t suffered.

The Barn
Five Elephant

Reichenberger Str. 101 (

This homely and humble cake shop and café serves a mean expresso to wash down luscious home-made cakes that are based around fruits of the season. Depending on what’s available locally you`ll get old fashioned apple or carrot and pear crumbles, blueberry cheesecake or a traditional German fruit cakes.

Five Elephant strives to use only socially and environmentally responsible coffees and to educate their customers that the best coffee which come with the best ethics. They have their own roaster down the back.
The atmosphere cozy and welcoming, although the furniture is a bit hard to snuggle into it`s a nice space for families and small groups to chat and share deserts.


Seelower Strasse 2, Prenzlauer Berg (

Sgaminegg-007This Berlin coffee shop with a New York bistro feel attracts local workers and local residents in large numbers for coffee and light meals daily, so you know they are doing something right. The emphasis is on organic and local produce inspired by the slow food movement with simple and rustic lunches such as vegetables soups and southern German potato salad.

Keeping with the theme of local each Saturdays the coffee shop has a small green market selling regional produce, meat and fish out front.
Bonanza Coffee Roasters (née Heroes)

Oderberger Straße 35, 10435 Prenzlauer Berg. (

Yumi Choi and Kiduk Reus opened shop in 2007 leading the Third Wave into Berlin with a kind of Japanese/Korean tea attention to roasting and brewing. They pride themselves on a particularly light and pure expresso flavor, and they even pay attention to only using local milk from selected farms.

This slick little coffee shops is located in a pretty pastel street, and while they do some limited roasting onsite, they actually have a large roaster in another location which provides beans to dozens of other Berlin coffee shops.

P.S: They also have delicious homemade cookies.

bonanza coffee berlin

Marienburger Straße (

3d482af0ddWorld Cup Coffee Tasters Champion Cory Andreen and his partner Kerstin Winkelbauer opened this very trendy, vaguely retro inspired café in 2009. It has a loungy, vaguely retro feel about it but it`s spacious with two wide areas, perfect for propping up with your book or laptop for the afternoon while the sound system pumps out soothing jazz.

The coffee here is a little different from the others in its brewing and serving as they use V60 or an AeroPress placed on your table. They also serve great breakfasts and banana cake.

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